Ultimate Kitchen Raid Challenge Part 3: The Pantry


It’s time to spend 5 minutes to have your pantry making you automatically leaner — rather than acting as a mercenary (that you’ve paid!) fighting you in the “battle of the bulge.”

If you’ve followed all the of the “kitchen raid” blog posts, your whole kitchen is now your ally in getting you in leaner better shape. Congratulations!

(if you haven’t completed the other two yet, those posts are still live on my blog, right before this last installment)

We’ve gone through your refrigerator and the freezer already, but this may be the most painful/liberating part of your kitchen raid, since so many junk food ends up here.…

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Ultimate Kitchen Raid Challenge Part 2: The Freezer

Myogenics Fitness

In the last blog post, I covered some quick changes you could make to your fridge to have you automatically eating better and getting leaner. (you can see that here)

Today, let’s turn to…

The Freezer

Anyone who has walked the freezer aisles at the store knows how plentiful frozen temptations are. How does your freezer measure up?

Dump this: Ice cream.…

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Ultimate Kitchen Raid Challenge

Myogenics Fitness

Today I have a challenge for you that will automatically make your diet a whole lot better — by just adjusting what is in your kitchen.

Your kitchen can make or break your weight loss results.

A kitchen stocked with the makings for healthy meals and snacks will keep you on track, even when late-night cravings strike. On the flip side, a kitchen filled with unhealthy munchies will derail your weight loss efforts every single time.

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From the Mailbag – A “Tummy Fat” Question Answered

From the Mailbag


Hi Chad!

…THANK YOU for this. I’ve always been struggling with my getting a right “tummy” and can’t seem to drop 15 pounds~ so am taking her advise. (I do need more greens in my diet). I know the stomach area is the hardest area to work on plus, even die hard work out junkies, complain. I really believe (and have read) that it also has allot to do with your blood type/ethnic background.…

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