Personal Training for Time-Starved People

Hard work has its rewards.

Transform your body in minutes per week.

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  • At Myogenics in West Hollywood ... the machines seemed to exercise our muscles more thoroughly than anything we had tried before, and the weight we were using ... doubled.
  • ... it's an intense, 20-minute strength-training workout that gives the same results as hour-long routines.
  • I've had every kind of Los Angeles personal trainer you can imagine over the past 15 years, and I can say with authority that Myogenics is the best way to work out for anyone with a busy schedule. My workout is shorter and my results are better.

How does it work?

Most workouts waste a lot of time. We “trim the fat” from your workout--and it becomes much more intense. After 20 minutes you’ll feel like you've worked out for an hour and a half.

Some love it and others hate it, but the amped-up intensity produces unparalleled strength increases. Also, the harder you work, the more rest days you earn. This means as little as one or two days per week of exercise can produce better results than you've ever seen before.

Beyond this ultra-efficient strength/cardio training, we systematically optimize your diet and help you achieve the lean, defined, strong body you want as fast as humanly possible. See case studies and learn more here.

Is it right for you?

Does trading tougher workouts for less time sound appealing? If so, you might be "one of us" and love it. This might also be a good fit for you if...

  • A busy career and family life demand good health, but leave little time to make it happen.
  • You want better results than you've achieved with conventional workouts.
  • Conventional exercise hurts your joints--you'd like a muscular challenge without joint pain.
  • You hate exercise but could embrace something short that challenges your limits.

Our approach isn't for everyone, but we offer unparalleled value for the right people. Test drive our workout and discover if it's right for you here.

Meet us

We are personal trainers passionate about high-intensity exercise. You can meet us here.