Common Questions

(answers provided further below)

  1. Is 20 minutes really enough?
  2. How quickly will I see results?
  3. Will I be incredibly sore after the workouts, since they are so intense?
  4. How much other activity and cardio do I need to do in addition to this?
  5. Can I still do other activities (yoga, pilates, swimming, tennis, hiking, etc.)?
  6. Can you work with older people, or is this only for the young and fit?
  7. Can you work with someone with injuries or special conditions?
  8. If I’m out of shape or have never worked out before, what should I do to prepare myself for coming to see you? Shouldn’t I get in better shape first?
  9. Do women need to worry about becoming bulky when training this way?
  10. What does it cost?
  11. What are your hours?
  12. What is the next step if I’m interested in personal training?
  13. How does your guarantee work?

1. Is 20 minutes really enough?

One of the biggest misconceptions about exercise is what it means to work out more. What matters is more intensity. As we teach you to improve your focus and form, to challenge your muscles more deeply, and to give your best effort, you’ll rapidly see that more than 20 minutes is not even possible–unless you wish to reduce your intensity (and results).

This same level of intensity that keeps each workout to around 20 minutes also necessitates more recovery time between workouts. This recovery time is when your body is improving and getting stronger–so the more of it, the better!

Our clients typically gain more strength while training just once or twice per week this way then they have experienced in the past training 3 or 5 days a week with more conventional exercise. And this is combined with eating optimally (which we help with), our clients often report becoming leaner and more defined than at any other time in their lives.

We can help you determine how often is optimal for you during an Introductory Workout Experience

2. How quickly will I see results?

You will achieve some results starting with your very first workout. Your body will begin increasing in strength immediately, as it recovers from the initial workout.

How quickly you see appearance changes depends largely on your diet, which we can help you with. Most of our clients comment that even though they are exercising a lot less, their body is changing faster and more than it ever has before. Read some of the testimonials and watch the video testimonials here: testimonials.

3. Will I always be incredibly sore after the workouts, since they are so intense?

The short answer: no.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is common 24 to 48 hours after just the first time you do any challenging physical activity. We ease most new clients into full intensity over a few workouts, and most people don’t get very sore at all.

If you do get DOMS, that typically happens just once. After that, as long as you keep training regularly, you won’t get sore like that again, even if you’re working your muscles to their limit.

We also have a trick that will instantly alleviate soreness from DOMS, and we’ll tell you about that at your first workout, just in case.

4. How much other activity and cardio do I need to do in addition to this?

The short answer: none.

We’ve all been told that we need lots of “cardio” or “aerobics” to burn calories and for cardiovascular health.

Cardiovascular health: there is recent and compelling data that the cardiovascular benefits from more intense workouts may be even more beneficial than those from than long, drawn-out, traditional “cardio” routines. This evidence suggests that our cardiovascular health is improved more by occasional, intense exertion than by the daily moderate activity we’ve been taught to associate with “cardio.”

Burning fat: eating right produces faster, greater, and more sustained weight loss than trying to burn calories through activity. There are several reasons for this. There is growing concern that no amount of physical activity can reliably produce long-term weight loss in studies–even an hour per day of activity is unable to stop weight gain.

This is not cause for despair, however; it is cause to rejoice. Exercise doesn’t cause weight loss (it causes hunger!), so we can stop feeling guilty about needing more activity. We can start focusing on just the activities that most strengthen and benefit us. And we can use our diets to compliment this activity and keep us lean and healthy.

Many of our clients have found they don’t even have to cut back on calories to burn off all the body fat they wanted–once they became aware of the hormonal effects of different foods that can cause your body to burn fat more easily while at the same time making you less hungry.

We’ve watched many clients become both leaner and stronger after reducing and eliminating their other “exercise” activities.

5. Can I still do other activities that I enjoy (yoga, pilates, swimming, tennis, hiking, etc.)?

Yes. Not only can you do these things, but if you’re like most of our clients, your ability and performance will improve at all of these things, and you’ll enjoy them even more. As we dramatically raise your baseline strength in your entire body, this can boost your performance and enjoyment of all physical activities in life.

6. Can you work with older people, or is this only for the young and fit?

Not only can we work with older people, but we employ techniques that were actually purpose-designed for the very elderly.

During an osteoporosis study in the 1980s, elderly women were found incapable of performing many conventional exercises. New techniques were used to make the exercises safer and easier to perform. The results were outstanding, and it was later discovered that these methods worked better for healthy and fit people, as well. We use many of these methods with everyone today.

Strength and bone density tend to decline as we age; progressive resistance exercise as we age is among the most beneficial things we can do.

We’ve trained clients in their upper 80s, and we often are able to work with people who have injuries, disabilities, or conditions that have prevented them from training any other, less controlled settings.

Before we take on any new client, though, we extensively assess their situation, making sure we can address their needs appropriately. If we find that we are not able to help someone, we tell them.

7. Can you work with someone with injuries or special conditions?

Often times, yes. Our equipment and training methods have enabled us to work with many people who have found nothing else that has worked for them. However, there are some cases we aren’t equipped to handle. We must assess each situation before we can determine that.

To discuss your situation with us, come in for a no-risk Introductory Experience, and it is fully refundable if we are not able to work with you.

8. If I’m out of shape or have never worked out before, what should I do to prepare myself for coming to see you? (I feel like I need to get in better shape first.)

Do not attempt to “get in shape” before coming to see us. That is our job, and our specialty. You’ll likely reinforce bad habits and waste lots of time and effort on unproductive activities that we can help you prevent.

The best thing you can do is to enlist an expert to help you start properly. We will meet you at your level and bring you up to speed as you’re ready and capable.

You’ll benefit by working with an expert instructor. In fact, inexperienced and out of shape people sometimes progress faster than more experienced new clients–because people without experience have fewer bad habits to unlearn.

9. Do women need to worry about becoming bulky when training this way?

We know that many women worry about this, and the short answer: no.

Over 50% of our clients are women, and some of these are models and tv/movie celebrities you would recognize as being definitely not bulky. The trend we see with women is: as strength increases using these methods, it assists in creating the lean, toned, and shapely body that most women desire. Many of our strongest and most dedicated clients of many years are women who have become very *not* bulky over time. Of course, your genetics and your diet will both have a large impact on the exact results that you see. If you have specific concerns about this, sign up for a free phone consultation at the bottom of this page, and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation with you.

10. What does it cost?

While area trainers often charge $700-$850 per month or more (not including gym membership fees), we offer personal training plans that start at under under $400 per month (with limited plans that are under $200 per month).

Also, because we’re able to be so time-efficient, your time savings alone could more the off-set the entire cost of training with us.

To find the right training option for you, we can thoroughly look at your needs in person at a no risk Introductory Workout Experience

11. What are your hours?

We are open 7 days a week. 6am-9pm most days during the week, and more limited hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

12. What is the next step if I’m interested?

Schedule a no-risk Introductory Experience. We’ll clarify your goals, put you though one of our workouts, and get to know each other. If we’re a good fit, we’ll find a training plan that fits your needs and budget. We require payment to reserve the time and to show that you’re serious; but if it isn’t a good fit, there is no risk to you and the cost is 100% refundable.

13. How does your guarantee work?

First, we cannot promise any particular rate of results, as every person’s body is different, and genetic factors play a large role in how quickly any given person will see results. Other factors that are out of our control can also affect your progress such as how you eat, how you sleep, and how much stress you have. We will help you to effectively address each of these areas, but we cannot guarantee your exact results.

We are confident, however, that we are using the most effective methods known to get you results. And we believe that once you experience the introductory workout, you’ll agree. Here’s our guarantee:

If, after your introductory session, you feel that it wasn’t worth more than what you paid for any reason, just email us in the following week, and our owner Chad will personally refund all your money, immediately.

We wish to work with people who are 100% committed and want to train with us. We’ll happily let anyone else find other gyms or trainers.

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