About Myogenics Fitness

We are a private fitness facility located in West Hollywood, CA.

All training is by appointment only, so please schedule a no-risk introductory workout before coming by to visit.

Since 1998, we’ve been working hard to maintain the most ideal environment, equipment, and methods to meet the needs of busy professionals and people over 60. You can read more about our approach here. You can schedule a time to meet us here.

Meet the Myogenics Fitness team:

ChadChad Morris
Founder and Owner

Chad Morris was a founder of Myogenics Fitness over 20 years ago, in 1998.

Chad worked personally with Mike Mentzer starting in 1997, and with Dr. Doug McGuff (“Body By Science”) in 1998 when starting Myogenics Fitness. Chad was SuperSlow certified by Ken Hutchins in 2003.

Chad enjoys continually working to improve our ability to help people over 60 and busy professionals looking to maximize quality of life in the smartest, most time-efficient manner possible.

Chad has been interviewed by international media, has delivered fitness presentations to top corporations, and has privately consulted with many executives and celebrities.

Other Interests:
philosophy, psychology, hot-air ballooning, juggling and magic, Formula 1, and classical literature

DonDon DiPaolo
Exercise Specialist

Don has been at Myogenics Fitness since 2014, and before that was in NYC where he trained at Inform Fitness for over 10 years.

Other Interests:
Don is also an actor, musician, and tennis fanatic. His interests include all aspects of health including nutrition, supplements and alternative medicine.

Neil Holland
Exercise Specialist

(Photo coming soon)

Neil is veteran exercise instructor of over 20 years in our training methods, as well as being recreationally active in Jeet Kune Do and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has worked extensively in New York City, and more recently joined the Myogenics Fitness team.