About Myogenics Fitness

We are a private fitness facility located in West Hollywood, CA.

All training is by appointment only, so please schedule a no-risk introductory workout before coming by to visit.

Since 1998, we’ve been working hard to maintain the most ideal environment, equipment, and methods to produce the most effective and the most time-efficient workouts for busy professionals. You can read more about our approach here. You can schedule a time to meet us here.

Meet the Myogenics Fitness team:

ChadChad Morris
Founder and Owner

Chad Morris is a pioneer in time-efficient fitness solutions for busy professionals.

For the last 14 years, he has operated a gym in Los Angeles that delivers personal training to busy executives who want the most results in the least time. He specializes in workouts that last 20 minutes or less, just once per week.

Chad has been interviewed by international media, has delivered fitness presentations to top corporations, and has privately consulted with many executives and celebrities.

Other Interests:
philosophy, physics, psychology, driving, hot-air ballooning, skiing, Formula 1, and reading

ScottieScottie Epstein
Exercise Specialist

Other Interests:
Brazilian ju jitsu and mixed martial arts (he is undefeated in professional fights, and was featured on an episode of the tv show TapOut), snowboarding, traveling to Brazil, and hanging with his dogs

BradBrad Smith
Exercise Specialist

Other Interests:
writing, movies, reading, Brazilian ju jitsu, muy thai kickboxing, MMA, and travel

MattMatt Mintun
Executive Assistant

Other Interests:
video production, motion design, music composition

sean omlorSean Omlor
Web Developer

Other Interests:
programming, meditation, brazilian jiu-jitsu, running