You Can Exercise
More Efficiently

Get stronger, leaner, and feel younger in as little as 1-2 short workouts per week.

We handle all the details--you just show up.

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  • At Myogenics in West Hollywood ... the machines seemed to exercise our muscles more thoroughly than anything we had tried before, and the weight we were using ... doubled.
  • ... it's an intense, 20-minute strength-training workout that gives the same results as hour-long routines.
  • I've had every kind of Los Angeles personal trainer you can imagine over the past 15 years, and I can say with authority that Myogenics is the best way to work out for anyone with a busy schedule. My workout is shorter and my results are better.

Are you over 65...or planning to be?

Your doctor may have told you lifting weights is uniquely valuable as you age. But where and how? Most gym and trainers cater to people in their 20s. Others make the workouts overly easy...not challenging enough for you to get the serious benefits possible. From years of working with people in their 60s, 70s, and beyond, we know that great quality of life benefits are possible. Our equipment and methods are designed to improve and protect joint function while you get stronger. Many of our clients, who previously experienced pain on conventional gym equipment, are shocked we can help them exercise pain-free.

If you have low back, neck, or knee pain--or even severe arthritis--we've helped many people just like you. "Test drive" our workout and discover if it's right for you here.

Are you too busy?

Whether you own your business, are an executive, or manage the affairs of your kids full time, you likely feel too busy to exercise regularly...but would stand to benefit enormously if you could. The good news is that you can make serious progress in as little as once a week, for 20 minutes. And while it's hard work, we handle every detail--you just show up. "Test drive" our workout and discover if it's right for you here.

Are you a serious athlete?

While most of our clients are busy professionals and people over 65, we get a handful of athletes that seek us out after learning that our approach produces greater strength improvements while also leaving more time to pursue their sport. We've had many happy swimmers, cyclists, rock-climbers, tennis players, golfers, etc. who have used us as their "secret weapon" to attain new levels of strength and performance...and in very little time. "Test drive" our workout and discover if it's right for you here.

How does it work?

Most workouts waste a lot of time. We “trim the fat” from your workout--and it becomes more intense and more productive. After 20 minutes you’ll feel like you've worked out for an hour and a half. The latest science shows that this increased intensity produces equal or greater strength and cardiorespiratory improvements as training longer and more often.

Beyond efficient strength and cardio training, we can help you optimize your diet and achieve the lean, defined body you want as fast as possible. See case studies and learn more here.

Discuss your situation with us today, and see if it makes sense to meet in person and do an introductory workout. here.