You must be a current client of Myogenics Fitness, and email chad@myogenics.com with subject “join the 12-week challenge” and answers to the following 4 questions:

1. What outcomes do you want to achieve in the next 12 weeks?

This can include weight loss, inches, and body fat percentage…but I also want you to go beyond that to any results you’d like to achieve, such as strength, energy level, sleep quality, even perhaps your mental orientation to exercise…be creative and figure out what you want.
Be as specific as you can.
Brad, Scott, and I will go over this with you, and we’ll be happy to help consult with you on how realistic it is, and help you revise it if you wish.
For now, just get something down. I recommend that you aim high for something that will take effort, but will feel great to achieve.

2. Do you want us to help you get measurements of body fat % or inches?

3. Do you want to do before/after photos? (these can be to keep to yourself or to show off to others with pride…it’s up to you)

4. If Brad, Scott, and I (Chad) commitment 100% to giving you the tools, resources, and guidance to accomplish what you want, what level of commitment do you have do doing whatever we determine is necessary during the next 12 weeks (0-100%)?

When considering your commitment level, realize that we won’t ask you to avoid trips out of town, but we might teach you exercises to do when away and teach you how to eat when you’re out at restaurants.

During this 12 weeks, I’ll be going to both Las Vegas and Cancun, and I’m committing 100%. I’m just saying… And I’ll be reporting on my experiences and personal progress to everyone in the challenge group, so you’ll know if I screw up (as I’m in this with you)!

Hear more about the Challenge on this audio postcard:

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