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Whether you like it fast and furious or slow and steady, we’ve got the skinny on the speediest ways to get in shape.

… While this somewhat controversial fitness tortoise has crept its way into every major media outlet over the past two years, the concept was actually born in the ’80’s by Ken Hutchins as an outgrowth of an exercise program he’s developed for women with osteoporosis at the University of Florida Medical School. It’s founded on a basic tenet: Muscle strengtheining through resistance traningng is key to keeping the body healthy and fit well into old age. But while old-fashioned weight lifting relies heavily on momentum to move the load, by lifting and lowering super slowly, you are engaging all of your muscles from the get-go. The benefit, say proponents, is faster muscle development, which leads to a higher metabolism. And, by eliminating the jerky motion used in traditional weight lifting, the exercise is safe.”

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