Conventional wisdom says that if you want more results, just increase your amount of activity.

However, in my conversations with brilliant exercise physiologists, my reading of exercise research studies, and my personal experience and results when trying different things, other activity has little impact, and it can even be counter-productive.

“Improving” other activity sometimes means doing less of it.

Since you have limited time and will power, we suggest avoiding other activity until and unless the other four areas (resistance training, nutrition, sleep, and stress) are all better than 80%-90% perfect.

This approach has increased results for many of our clients.

Please note: if you do other activities because you enjoy them and they add value to you life, then great. Keep them up!

By optimizing the other 4 areas (resistance training, nutrition, sleep, and stress) you’ll notice improved strength and endurance on these activities. And you’ll probably enjoy them even more.

Don’t stop doing what you love. Just don’t expect it to get you more results than is biologically possible.

And by all means, don’t turn something you love into something you hate by trying to make that activity into exercise.

You’ll probably be frustrated by how little you get results, and telling yourself that you are obligated to do that activity all of the time may make you resent something that you used to love.

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