Here are the basics:

Get a username and password

1. Email and say “I’d like a username and password for my account”
2. We’ll set that up and email you with your new username and password

Use your account

1. Go here and click on “existing clients click here to schedule” in the upper right corner

Or, go directly to appointments

2. Enter your login and password in the upper right corner

3. Scroll down the page to see a list of your existing appointments.

4. To Cancel: click on a specific appointment, and you will see an option to “cancel appointment”

(note: this option does not appear if you view on the same day that the appointment occurs)

5. To Schedule a new appointment
       a. Go to the “Appointment Locator” box in the upper left.
       a. Select Staff Member: Myogenics Staff
       b. Click on an available date on the calender
       c. Click on the open time slot that you’d like
       d. Click on the “Finalize Appointment” button

6. To Reschedule an existing appointment:
       a. Schedule the new appointment as per #5 above
       b. Cancel the old appointment as per #4 above

Scheduling an Appointment for the Same Day:
The software will never allow you to book an appointment for the same day online, as we don’t want to miss noticing that you scheduled–and accidentally miss you! You can always schedule the same day, but you must call/email us to do so.

If you have existing appointments that do not show up when you log in:
It sometimes happens that one person can accidentally get two accounts on the scheduling system; and then some of your appointments might be hidden on an account that you cannot see. If you suspect that this might be happening, please email and say “please check to see if I have multiple scheduling program accounts that need to be merged.”

If this is the case, we can instantly merge the accounts, and we’ll let you know that this was done.

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