We want super cool people for clients.

If you have super cool friends who you think we would like, and who would love training here, we appreciate you referring them.

To get your friends bumped to the top of our waiting list/priority list, and for you to qualify for credit for referring them, send an email to:


subject: referral

message body:

    friend’s name
    phone number
    best time to reach them

We will let them know that you got them priority to get in if they wish, and we’ll make sure they have our website and information, and answer any questions they have.

We only want to work with people we like and who are 100% interested and committed to working with us. Because of that, we will never repeatedly contact or harass anyone you send our way. We will give them an opportunity, and that’s it.

If you are currently working out with us and you refer someone through the process above who signs up for a series of sessions, we’ll give you a free workout as a thank you.



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