We love to hear your stories!

Email me what results you’ve gotten, and improvement you’ve seen in your life, whether you think it sounds small or great. I’ll share them with the rest of the team here. They inspire us to keep doing more for you.

Just write up anything you’ve noticed and send it to chad@myogenics.com
Subject Line: “my results.”

You can write in as many stories as you like. We always love to hear more.

Also, it helps us a lot if you give permission to share your stories with other people who want to be inspired to take action.

If you’re willing to let us use all or parts of your story, just make a note at the end saying “You have permission to use this for a testimonial.”

Don’t worry about making it fancy-sounding or grammatically correct. If we want to share it with others, we’ll be happy to do that work for you.

Thank you!


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