Why Are Most Personal Trainers a Bad Fit For Busy Professionals?

Many personal trainers advise their clients to exercise often to burn calories. But exercise is ineffective at burning calories, and that’s why so many people never see results.

Even worse, most of the few calories you actually burn during exercise come from sources other than body fat. That’s true even if your heart rate is in the “fat-burning” zone.

If time is your most valuable commodity, then exercise that consumes lots of time and produces little results is not what you want.

People who run marathons to get in shape often end up gaining weight. You have probably seen people who spend hours every week exercising and never changing–year after year.

I have personal experience with this: after college, I stopped competing in sports, I stopped working out, and I gained a lot of weight. We’re not taking about muscle, but flabby, squishy, obvious fat. When I finally felt fed up enough to do something, I started running. I ran intensely and often. I felt exhausted and punished every day. And despite that, I experienced no results…no loss of fat, and no improvements in my body.

Most trainers recommend visiting the gym often and even exercising between visits to the gym. But I’ve experienced how ineffective this is…and you may have, too.

The Secret Formula of A Champion Bodybuilder That Every Time-Starved Executive Needs to Know

About 14 years ago I was fortunate to become friends with a bodybuilder named Mike Mentzer. What I learned from him changed my life.

I had initially never heard of Mike, but he was famous in the bodybuilding world for his brief, infrequent, and intense workouts.

Mike had a Mr. Olympia title and was considered to be one of the greatest bodybuilders–having competed against Arnold Schwarzenegger and being judged by many to be in better shape.

When I met him, he was on a mission to educate athletes and bodybuilders to train a lot harder…and rest more–a LOT more.

He told people to work out just once every 4 or 5 days, and sometimes as little as once every 7 or 8 days.

I was initially skeptical of his advice to work out so little.

But I decided to try it. I was embarrassed at how chubby I’d become, I was busy, and I didn’t want to spend more time working out than I needed to.

I was pleasantly shocked when I immediately saw faster results than any of the other exercise routines I’d done.

Within weeks, I convinced several friends to train with Mike’s methods, and their results impressed me as much as my own.

I became intrigued. This was the opposite of the advice I’d been taught. My curiosity became a quest to discover what is true and what is false in exercise, and I studied from every source and expert I could find to get to the bottom of what was most effective.

Within a year, I’d opened a private gym in Los Angeles designed around the principles that I had learned.

The facility produced a leap forward in my results over what I could get in a regular gym–these techniques worked even better with the right environment and ideal equipment. I still exercise there to this day, and I’m always working to improve everything to be even more effective for my personal results, and those of our clients.

The Overlooked Key to Better Results

Most people focus on how much exercise they can do. Doing more activity is a simple goal, and easy to measure. Running an hour a day instead of an hour a week is certainly doing more, and it sure feels like it should produce more benefits…but does it? Does it cause your body to respond any more and get any more results? Is doing more and more exercise improving your strength, health, or fat burning rate?

There are ways to test this and find out, and the results may shock you. Most people assume that doing more of any activity will benefit them, but this is simply not true.

What is true is that our bodies respond more to some types of exercise than others. And blindly “doing more” of an ineffective activity will just waste your time, and produce little to no additional results.

If you discover the high-return activities that produce the most beneficial responses, you’ll see more results without having to do more activity.

If you perform low-return activities–activities that trigger little response–then you will barely see any results, no matter how much time and effort you spend.

The secret to great results is getting your body to respond more to what you do…NOT to do more.

And the fundamental driver of results is the intensity that your muscles experience during exercise.

The following considerations do not matter: the popularity of your gym, the newness of your routine, or even the intensity of your trainer. What drives your results is the intensity that your muscles work at during an exercise.

In our facility, we’ve managed to employ 8 ways to increase intensity and precision that I wasn’t able to do in other gyms…I have yet to observe a single personal trainer in even the most fancy gym who uses more than two of them.

With our methods, you’ll feel a more thorough workout–I mean you’ll really feel it. And then you’ll see faster results.

We also work with clients to optimize the “combination lock” of four elements that drive the results you’ll see. These include diet and sleep. We help you optimize these. When you get the combination right, it’s like rocket fuel for your results. Jerry, photographed in this case study only exercised for 30 minutes per week, but he got the combination right, and his results were astonishing. And sustainable.

There is another variable that may influence your results more than anything mentioned above. That is your genetics. Unfortunately, we can’t change that. You may or may not be capable of getting the same results as Jerry or any other particular person.

By working smarter, we can to get you the most results possible for your body, whatever that is.

Some Benefits of Personal Training at My Los Angeles Facility

  • Look good. Our clients comment on rapidly becoming more lean and defined while clothes fit better, skin glows more, and cellulite diminishes and vanishes
  • Strength. Our clients mention noticing more strength and improved performance in all the activities they do
  • Save time: Just 20-30 minutes per workout
  • Save even more time: As little as one workout per week produces exceptional results, with no additional exercise required
  • Incredible stress relief which must be experienced to be appreciated
  • Eliminate apprehension of doing it wrong: have an expert Los Angeles personal trainer right beside you every workout guiding you in exactly what to do
  • Real privacy: we see one client in the LA facility at a time–no crowds to embarrass, distract, or slow you down
  • No Sweating. A cool 64 degree temperature improves performance while also preventing sweating–which means you can change and go back to work or life without the time and hassle of showering
  • Online scheduling with appointment reminder emails so you never forget a workout
  • Extended hours: open 7 days a week, including early mornings and late evenings
  • On-site parking lot and validated parking
  • Advanced low back and neck equipment, as well as equipment ideal for pregnancy, golf, and tennis
  • Dietarty assistance : launch your results into warp speed while feeling improved energy and sense of well-being
  • We handle every detail, so all clients have to do is show up

Not Opinion, but Tested Science

Since my Los Angeles facility has opened, we’ve used our controlled environment to test common assumptions and uncommon methods in pursuit of finding what works best. We’ve seen what works and discarded what doesn’t. Exercise is an evolving science, and staying up with some of the top minds in the field helps us to continue to refine and improve our methods. This improves the results of our clients. And since I am our longest-standing client, I have everything to gain by keeping us at the forefront.

I’m fortunate to have gotten to know brilliant researchers, physiologists, and MDs who give me cutting-edge advice and ideas to try. In addition to working with these professional scientists and doctors, and to training with the late Mike Mentzer, I’ve gotten to work with and learn from some top exercise minds such as Doug McGuff, MD (who wrote Body by Science), Ken Hutchins (who popularized SuperSlow), Adam Zickerman (who wrote Power of 10), and Bill Phillips (who wrote Body for Life).

It’s been over thirteen years since I opened my private gym in West Hollywood. I still personally exercise there. I work out just once per week (occasionally twice), and my normal workout lasts less than 10 minutes. That is all the exercise that I do. And I love being able to lift more weight, run faster, and be leaner now than even when I competed in track in college and trained several days per week (I ran the 800m).

Here is the Catch…

This might sound like an easy way to work out. It is not. The way we reduce workout time and improve results is to increase the intensity. While we begin training new clients within their comfort zones, to achieve the very best results, you must be willing to work up to ever-higher levels of focus and effort.

My weekly workout is the most demanding physical challenge I’ve done (and I’ve done a few crazy things). But more than anything, it is a mental challenge.

Most people envision an intense workout as their whole body straining while someone yells at them to do more. However, we go the opposite direction, and many of our clients describe the workout as feeling zen-like. We keep the room quiet, calm, and free of distractions; and we teach people how to reach deep into their minds to challenge themselves in a deliberate, controlled way.

I’ve found this skill to be something that has payoffs throughout my life…beyond just improving my workouts.

I personally love a challenge (as long as it’s limited in scope and time—I guess I’m not *that* tough). After every workout, and for hours after, I feel an immense sense of accomplishment and relaxation.

If you resist the thought of this kind of challenge, you may want to stop reading here. People either love this style of working out or they hate it. If you’re going to hate it, I’d like to save you from wasting your time.

What’s the Bottom Line?

While we offer a premium service, I believe that we also provide the most value for your money.

We don’t spend money on looking hip, but we don’t compromise on having the best of what counts. Maintaining the best equipment in Los Angeles, the best personal trainers, and only seeing one client at a time in the facility means that we are not an economy gym. We aim serve those who seek the very best.

For example of how we’re still the best value, though: the local Equinox charges around $130 per month for the membership fee, plus around $731-$1097 per month for a middle-tier personal trainer. Sports Club LA and Crunch have similar rates.

Our monthly rates are often less than half, and that includes better equipment, a more private and focused environment, a higher quality trainers, and enormous time savings to our clients. The time savings alone could save some people several hundred dollars per month. Most importantly, we aspire to get clients better results–and I believe we do. You’re welcome to come in and compare with no risk.

The Next Step…

Experience the workout with no risk. See full guarantee details below.


The Introductory Experience

Private training at our facility in West Hollywood starts with a one-on-one introductory workout and consultation. We close off our facility for double our normal session length, guide you through a workout, and fully discuss your situation and strategy.

Once you submit your purchase, one of our team will call right away to schedule your appointment.

    The experience includes…

Analysis of your current situation & goals
One-on-one instruction through a full-body workout
Discussion of your nutrition strategy
Discussion of the training plan that might be the best fit for you
Total privacy–no other clients in the facility

    You’ll also receive these resources:

Concise reference guide of fat-loss tactics
Proprietary food journal system
Detailed report reviewing the techniques you learned during your workout

…AND more

Act today and receive a copy of Chad’s one-hour private audio seminar to listen to now, before you even come in (a $195 value)

Learn more about the Introductory Experience here.



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What You’ll Experience at Our West Hollywood Facility

We are hidden from view in a cozy building at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Crescent Heights Blvd. in West Hollywood.

We have a parking and a secluded access through the back of our building.

We see one client at a time for the ultimate in focused workouts and privacy. There is no music playing or gym “scene.” We’re friendly and personable, but 100% dedicated to your focus and results.

We keep the temperature at 64 degrees; our bodies perform better in cool temperatures. This also prevents most people from sweating—saving the time and hassle of post-workout showering. Many clients come from work, use our changing room, and go back to work directly after their workout. Most are in and out in under 30 minutes.

We provide water, towels, and the careful eye of a personal trainer–ensuring that your workout is ideal.

Our equipment includes the best MedX and SuperSlow Systems equipment. We have specialized low-back and neck equipment, as well as equipment that works for pregnant women to stay strong and in shape through pregnancy (we seem to always have a couple of pregnant clients at any given time).

Danger: Don’t Lose Months and Years of Having a Stronger, Healthier, Sexier Body…

I can’t tell you how many times in the past I told myself that I’d start working out “soon.” Somehow I could always delude myself into thinking that I meant it, even after months of no action. If you’re like me, “soon” never happens; it’s either now or it isn’t.

What is it worth to start feeling stronger and more attractive? To have more energy? How would your life be different in 5 years if you begin today? Or, what if you put it off a few months/years…perhaps until a doctor tells you that your health is compromised?

What is the value to you of a higher quality of life next week, next month, and next year? Imagine that higher quality of life, strength, and health with your family, your friends, and every activity that you enjoy–what is that worth?

Not taking action is an action that will have consequences on the rest of your life. You are either moving toward what you want or further away from it.

Whether you choose to begin something today or put it off for a couple of weeks (months? years?), there are consequences on the relationships, opportunities, and experiences for the rest of your life.

If you are committed to taking action, then I’d like to help get you the results you want in as little of your time invested as possible…and my expert team and I will take care of every detail for you.

If you want to work with us, it’s important that we hear from you right away. Since we only see once client at a time in our facility, when we’re full, we’re unable to accept new clients.

Sign up for a no-risk Introductory Experience, and we’ll help you discover both if we’re a good fit, and what’s possible to you–with no risk.

Now is the time to act. We look forward to meeting you soon.

To health and life,

Chad Morris


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