Working Mother: Cure for “Just Do It” Blues

Break out of your fitness rut with these four hot new (total energy!) workouts

Embrace the Burn
Here’s a fitness movement for the time-crunched. It takes just 20 minutes a week, and you barely break a sweat. known as “Super-Slow’ training, the ultraefficient workout entails conventional exercise moves–such as weight lifting or push-ups–but is done in slow motion with an intense focus, until the muscle is fully fatigued. Each move takes at least ten seconds in each direction, instead of the usual two. and the goal, believe it or not, is to get to the point where you can no longer move a muscle. “If you really do it right, your’e not able to do a movement more than a few times,” explains Hollywood trainer Chad morris. Once a muscle is spent, it builds strength over the next week. And since your heart is working harder to service those muscles, cardio fitness also improves. Watch your calorie intake, and you’ll reduce body fat while your muscles rebuild. It’s a beautiful thing.

The Payoff
Strengthens and tones; improves cardio fitness.

The Skinny
This training my not take much time, but it’s not easy. To test it, try getting out of a chair while counting to 10.