Brad Smith

Brad went to USC film school, and he seems to be always have the inside scoop about what is showing and what is good in theaters right now.

He’s becoming an amazing scriptwriter, and you’ll probably end up seeing his name in the movie theater before too long.

Brad is also an avid mixed martial arts fighter and traveled to Thailand for 6 weeks last year to study Muy Thai kickboxing.

His dog Kyra is probably bigger than you, but also calmer than you, taking after her master.

Brad had been a conventional personal trainer before joining Myogenics Fitness 4 years ago, but he took to high-intensity training right away, as he was excellent at understanding people and getting the most out of them.

He is known amongst clients for having a soothing, calm, hypnotic training style…while pushing them right beyond what they thought were their physical limits.

Scottie Epstein

Scottie is an accomplished Brazilian Ju Jujitsu and mixed martial arts fighter, with a record of 4-0. His fighting nickname is “Einstein.” He is a highly sought-after trainer, and he was recently featured on an episode of the documentary tv show Tapout.

He also claims that he loves to snowboard, though we don’t know many people who have actually seen him doing it.

He is known for bringing a strong New York personality to the gym, as he doesn’t take excuses from anyone, and his clients love him for it.

He will probably not tell you about his acting in several major TV shows and movies, so don’t bother to ask. But if you ever think you just saw him while watching TV, you probably just did.

And he also may not tell you about the origins of his mean spray-painting skills.

He has 3 (or 4?) dogs that all speak Portuguese (his wife, Paula, is Brazilian).

Scottie has been with Myogenics fitness for 6 years, after he moved from New York, where he had already became an excellent, and passionate, high intensity trainer.

Chad Morris

Chad grew up in an itty-bitty town in Iowa, where he learned to hand-crank ice cream, jump from hay lofts, drive combines, and milk cows.

After contemplating going to art school, he decided to double major in neuroscience and creative writing at Pomona College, near Los Angeles. He also ran the 800m in track and ate too much cafeteria food. Way too much cafeteria food.

He then abandoned college to move to East LA and live on a diet of top raman noodles while pursuing happiness and riches with no car, no contacts, no money, and no job prospects.

At some point between being a t-shirt designer, evil telemarketer, professional magician, and real estate investment company founder, he noticed that his diet of vending machine brownies, Carl’s Jr. burgers, and no exercise was keeping him in the way too chubby zone.

That’s when a lucky set of circumstances introduced him to bodybuilding champion Mike Mentzer, who showed him a style of exercise that got him better results than anything he’d seen. His own rapid results inspired Chad to start a business who’s mission it was to seek out and implement the most scientific, evidence-based, results-producing fitness program…amidst a world of fads, hype, and mind-numbing, contradictory advice.

Chad founded Myogenics Fitness over 10 years ago with visions of changing the world. He also wanted a great gym to keep himself in top shape. Then his business inexperience nearly halted his plans for world domination through giving people better bodies.

Ignoring his attorney’s and accountant’s advice to file for bankruptcy, he slowly reversed the fortunes of the business. While he still wants to change the world, he also insists on surrounding himself with only people he likes–both in clients and team members.

He enjoys occasionally racing cars and flying balloons. He loves eating at Hatfield’s and having long conversations with friends; and he vacations far too little. He lives in an apartment with his laptop, stacks of books, and a few plants he tries desperately not to kill off.

He also wrote pretty much this whole website, so all mistakes and errors are his doing.

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