Is It Really Possible To Melt Away Unwanted Fat and Build Lean, Ripped Muscle Working Out Less Than 30 Minutes Per Week?

“I was very skeptical at first, but…I’ve lost about 40 pounds of fat and can’t believe the increase in muscle…”

Patrick Roberts, Los Angeles

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Here’s How You Can Achieve More Results–in Just 20% of the Time

In Just 30 Minutes per Week of Exercise, Jerry Achieved these Results…In Less Than 90 Days.

       I’ll tell you how he did it, and how you can, too. My name is Chad Morris, and I own the private gym where we trained Jerry (pictured above) and took those photographs.

       Jerry worked out once every 5 days, for slightly less than 20 minutes per workout, with no other exercise.

       And yes, we took those photos less than 90 days apart.

       I should also mention that the “before” picture you see was the end result of years of Jerry working out 3-5 days per week before he came to us. I thought that he wasn’t in bad shape for a guy who was nearly 50. But he wasn’t happy, and no matter what he did, he hadn’t been able to get the results he wanted.

       When he called us, he wanted amazing results and he promised to follow every bit of advice we gave him. His “after” picture was after he stopped all of that other activity, and let us teach him how to work out smarter.

       I’ve seen many clients get great results training as little as once every 7 days, using the high-efficiency techniques we taught them.

“I’m on a plane two to five days every week, and I work at least 12 hours a day. In spite of that, I keep in shape working out just once a week at Myogenics Fitness. Thanks guys!”

Didier Pietri; President, Vialta

What Are Most Trainers Doing Wrong?

       Most trainers advise people to exercise a lot to burn calories. But exercise is ineffective at burning calories. It can even be counter-productive.

       Most of the calories you burn during exercise come from sources other than body fat. That’s true even if your trainer tells you that your heart rate is in the “fat-burning” zone.

       Too much exercise could slow your metabolism and actually have you gaining fat.

        Many people who run marathons to get in better shape end up actually gaining weight. You may have also noticed people spending hours every week in the gym exercising and never changing, year after year.

       Here’s a personal admission and a failure story: after college, I stopped competing in sports, I stopped working out, and I became inactive and overweight. I decided to run intensely and often. I felt exhausted and punished every day. And I felt frustrated, because I experienced no results.

       Most trainers recommend visiting the gym often to burn fat. They even recommend exercising between visits to the gym. But I’ve experienced how ineffective this is, and you may have, too.

My Big Discovery: The Secret Workout Formula of A Champion Bodybuilder

       I learned the concept of training less often and more intensely eleven years ago when I met a bodybuilder named Mike Mentzer.

       Mike was known in the bodybuilding world for his brief, infrequent, and intense workouts. He was also considered one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

       Though we later became good friends, I was skeptical of his advice to work out less often. However, I was busy and embarrassed at being out of shape. I could fit this into my schedule, so I decided to try it. I immediately got faster results than other exercise routines I’d done, including training for hours per week.

       Within a couple of months, I had several of my friends using Mike’s methods and getting results that impressed me as much as my own results. I became intrigued as to why it was working so well. Especially since it seemed to be the opposite of the advice I’d always heard. My curiosity became a quest to discover for myself what is true and what is false in exercise and nutrition.

       Within a year, I opened a workout facility designed around the effective, time-saving principles that I had learned from Mentzer and other experts. I discovered that many of these techniques could be more effective with the right environment and the right equipment. The facility allowed for a leap forward in results over what I was able to do in a regular gym, and I still work out there to this day.

The Secret to Speeding up Results that Most People Overlook

       Most people focus on how much exercise they can do. I want you to ignore how much exercise you can do. Instead, focus on how much your body responds to whatever you do. Then do the things that increase your body’s response. Any activities that do not increase your body’s response will not increase your results.

       The secret to great results is getting your body to respond more.

       It does not matter how much activity you are doing. What matters is whether the activity is causing your body to respond and improve.

       When you increase the intensity and precision of each exercise, your body responds more and for longer…for up to days following each workout. Increasing the amount of exercise you do accomplishes virtually nothing by comparison.

       We increase intensity and precision in 8 ways beyond what you’ll find with even good trainers. And we employ all 8 simultaneously. You’ll feel a more thorough workout in less time. Then you’ll see faster results.

       We also consider four factors outside of exercise that increase the results you’ll see. These include diet and sleep. We help you optimize these. When all five work together, they act like rocket fuel for your results. Jerry, photographed above, only exercised for 30 minutes per week, but he properly balanced the five areas, and his results were astonishing. And sustainable.

        A sixth factor influences your results more than the other five. That factor is your genes. Unfortunately, we can’t adjust that one. You may or may not be capable of getting the same results as Jerry or any other particular person. We’ll work with all the variables to get you the fastest response possible for your body, whatever that is, whether that is slower than Jerry or faster.

Benefits of Personal Training at Myogenics Fitness

  • Improved appearance. Look better. Our clients often comment on clothes fitting better, skin glowing more, cellulite diminishing and vanishing, and seeing leaner, more defined muscles.

  • Feel more strength. Our clients mention noticing more strength and improved performance in all the activities they do

  • Save time: Just 20-30 minutes per workout

  • Save even more time: As little as one workout per week to get exceptional results, with no additional exercise required.

  • Incredible stress relief and sense of “oneness” that must be experienced to be appreciated. (this typically takes 4-8 weeks to work up to, after mastery of the basics allows increased focus and intensity)

  • Eliminate apprehension of doing it wrong: have an expert personal trainer right beside you every workout guiding you in exactly what to do

  • Real privacy: be the only client in the entire facility while you are working out, with no other people to embarrass you, distract you, or slow you down

  • No Sweating. Cool 64 degree room temperature that improves your performance and results also prevents sweating–which means you can change and go back to work or life without the time and hassle of showering

  • Convenient 24/7 online scheduling which also emails appointment reminders so you never forget a workout

  • Convenient on-site parking lot and validated parking

  • Conveniently open 7 days a week, including early mornings and late evenings

  • Advanced low back and neck equipment, as well as equipment ideal for pregnancy, golf, and tennis

  • Nutritional advice and assistance: launch your results into warp speed while feeling improved energy and sense of well-being

  • We handle every detail, so all you have to do is show up

It Isn’t Just My Wacky Opinion

       Since the facility has opened, we’ve used our controlled environment to test common assumptions and uncommon ideas. We’ve seen what works and discarded what doesn’t. Exercise is an evolving science, and staying up with some of the top minds in the field helps us to continue to refine and improve our training methods. This improves the results of our clients. And this means a lot to me, because I am our longest-standing client, so I have the most to gain.

       I’m fortunate to have gotten to know bright, much smarter than me, researchers, physiologists, and MDs who give me cutting-edge advice and ideas to try. In addition to these professional scientists and doctors, and to training with Mike Mentzer for quite a while–while he was still alive (an inspiring experience), I’ve gotten to work with and learn from some top exercise minds such as Ken Hutchins (who popularized SuperSlow), Adam Zickerman (who wrote Power of 10), and Bill Phillips (who wrote Body for Life).

       It was nearly ten years ago that my facility opened. I still work out there just once or twice per week, and each of my workouts is shorter than 20 minutes. That is all the exercise that I personally do. Even with all I now understand about why this works, I’m amazed to be able to lift more weight, run faster, and be leaner now than even when I competed in track in college (I ran the 800).

While the facility is small, we are able to train and motivate people one-on-one in complete privacy, with nothing to distract them–not even other clients working out. We maintain a waiting list and have limited capacity. We choose to work with clients who are serious about achieving great results.

Yes, There is a Catch

       This might sound like an easy way to work out. It is not. The way we reduce workout time and improve results is to increase the intensity. While we begin training new clients within their comfort zones, to achieve the very best results, you must be willing to work up to ever-higher levels of focus and effort.

       My current weekly workout is the most demanding physical challenge I’ve ever done (and I’ve done a few crazy things). But more than anything, it is a mental challenge.

       Most people envision an intense workout as their whole body straining while someone yells at them to do more. We go the opposite direction, and many of our clients describe the workout as feeling zen-like; we keep the room quiet, calm and free of distractions, and teach people how to reach deep into their minds to communicate with and challenge their muscles in a deliberate, controlled way.

        When I began high-intensity training, having to learn this mental skill is something that I didn’t expect, but it is something that has rewarded me throughout my life…beyond just improving my workouts.

       I personally love a challenge and love to push myself (as long as it’s limited in scope and time—I guess I’m not *that* tough). After every workout, and for hours later, I feel an immense sense of accomplishment and relaxation.

       If you resist the thought of focusing completely and challenging yourself like this, I recommend that you stop reading here. People either love this style of working out or they hate it. If you’re going to hate it, I’d like to save you from wasting your time.

What’s the Bottom Line?

       While we are a premium service, I believe that we offer more value for your money than anywhere else.

       And, as you’ll see below, I back that opinion up with my personal money, and I make it risk-free for you to try a workout with us.

       We don’t spend money on looking hip, but we don’t compromise on having the very best of everything that counts. Keeping the best equipment in LA, the best trainers, and only seeing one client at a time in the entire facility means that we are not for people seeking an economy gym. We are only for those who, like us, seek the very best.

       For example, at the local Equinox, you’d spend around $130 per month on the membership fee plus around $731-$1097 per month for just a middle-tier trainer. Sports Club LA and Crunch have similar rates.

       With us, you’ll pay as little as $75 per week, all-inclusive, for private training. That includes better equipment, a private and focused environment, and you’ll spend less than half the time you would have at Equinox, Crunch, or Sports Club/LA. This could save you hundreds of dollars per month in your time alone. Most importantly, you’ll get better results with us–at least I think so, but you’re welcome to try all and compare.

       Our policies are straightforward: we charge per session, with no monthly membership fees or signup fees…or any other fees.

The Next Step…

Experience a one-on-one workout and consultation at our gym.

If we accept your application to try a workout, I will personally take on any risk of you not liking it. See full guarantee details below. I know that you’ll be amazed once you actually experience the workout.

Private training at our facility in West Hollywood starts with a one-on-one introductory workout and consultation, where we close off our facility for double our normal session length, put you through a workout, and focus on teaching you everything we know ($180, and I personally guarantee that it is well worth your money). But first, before the intro session, we have a phone conversation to see if you qualify and make sure you are a good fit.

While we’d love to be able to accept everyone, we have limited space, and can choose only those who we think are the most committed and the best fit for what we do. (We like to work with people who get great results, so convince us of your commitment, and you just might move up the waiting list)

“YES, I’d like to take the next step and speak with someone about an introductory workout as described above.

Your Name

Your Phone

Best Time to Call You

A Description of Your Goals and Situation

       One of us will call you right away to discuss your situation, answer any other questions, and see if you are a good match for training with us. If we both determine that you are a good fit, we will try to fit you in right away, and if we can’t, we will give you an estimate about how soon we will be able to fit you in. We only see one person at a time in our facility, so when we’re booked, we have to keep a waiting list.

       Want more info? Read our FAQ

What You’ll Experience at Our Facility

       We’ve been open for over 9 years and are hidden from view in a cozy building at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Crescent Heights Blvd. in West Hollywood.

       We have a parking lot, we validate parking, and we have secluded access through the back of the building directly from the parking lot.

       We only see one client at a time in the facility–for the ultimate in focused workouts and privacy. There is no music playing or social scene happening. We’re friendly and we like our clients, but we are dedicated to 100% focus and results.

       We keep the temperature cold at 64 degrees; your body performs better in cool temperatures. This also prevents most people from sweating—which saves the time and hassle of showering after working out. Many of our clients come from work, use our changing room, and go back to work directly after their workout. They are often in and out in less than 30 minutes total.

       We provide water, towels, and the careful eye of a trainer who is distracted by nothing, and is making sure every move you make is ideal.

       Our equipment includes the best MedX and SuperSlow Systems equipment. We have unique and effective low-back and neck equipment, as well as equipment that produces dramatic improvements in golf and tennis players’ games. We even have equipment that is ideal for pregnant women who are training to stay strong and in shape through pregnancy (we seem to always have a couple of pregnant clients at any given time).

Danger: You Are About to Lose Months and Years of Having a Sexier, Stronger, Healthier Body if You Don’t Follow This Advice

       Look, I used to tell myself that I’d get started working out “soon.” And somehow I could always delude myself into thinking that I really meant that I’d start soon, even though I’d been saying that for months. I can tell you that soon never happens; it’s either now or it isn’t.

       What is it worth to you to look and feel more attractive right now? To feel stronger every day and to have more energy? What would be the difference in your life in 3-5 years if you begin today vs. putting it off until…when?

       What would it be worth to you to add extra years to your life because you started spending 20 minutes a week right now? And what would it be worth to have a higher quality of life for the rest of your life, because you started today?

       Keep in mind that you can’t sit on the sidelines. There are no sidelines in life. As long as you are breathing, you are in the game.

       Whether you choose to begin something today or “put it off” for a couple of weeks, those both have consequences on the rest of your life. There is no such thing as sitting out a round. You’re in the midst of life; how do you want to play it?

       If you are committed to taking action, then I’d like to help get you the results you want. Don’t put it off. We only see once client at a time in our facility. This means that when we’re full, we’re unable to accept new clients. Fill out the above form right now, and we’ll be in touch to see if you qualify and to answer any questions.

       Now is the time to act. I look forward to talking to you soon.

       Sign up for an Introductory Workout


Chad Morris

What Are Our Clients Saying?

“I can honestly say my short sessions at Myogenics Fitness are far superior to all the other weight-training programs I’ve tried. And I especially appreciate the way they actually make working out enjoyable!”

Linda Gray; Dallas

“Thank you for all of your support, encouragement and knowledge. I went to buy a bathing suit for my vacation today and did not leave the dressing room in a cold sweat. This is BIG news as most women will confirm.

“It has been great working with you and it turns out that sometimes there are vanity rewards that come with the health benefits!”

Signed, 46 and still wearing a bikini

“I’ve had every kind of personal trainer you can imagine over the past 15 years, and I can say with authority that Myogenics is the best way to work out for anyone with a busy schedule. My workout is shorter and my results are better.”

Stuart Krasnow; Executive Producer Weakest Link

“I lost over 50 pounds at Myogenics Fitness.”

Sandy Sutton; School Teacher

“I have to stay in top shape for my job, but I hate gyms and working out. Myogenics Fitness has a great atmosphere — it’s totally private, and I’m in and out fast.”

David Tom; The Young and the Restless

“I live in LA and work in Silicon Valley … I’m on a plane two to five days every week, and I work at least 12 hours a day. In spite of that, I keep in shape working out just once a week at Myogenics Fitness. Thanks guys!”

Didier Pietri; President, Vialta

“In my 13 years as President of 20th Century Fox Television, I tried a dozen trainers without any success … you have changed my whole attitude towards exercise. I actually look forward to my twice a week visits. My muscle mass is up and my body fat is down.”

Harris Katleman; Jonathon Goodson Productions

“With a new baby and a rough recovery from a c-section, I had low energy, very little time and a desperate desire to get back in shape. Chad, Scottie and Brad quickly helped me get back to myself. Now they’re helping me through pregnancy #2 – meaning that getting back into fighting form after this baby will be even easier.”

A Goldman

“Brad did a great job of training me throughout my pregnancy and adapting to my “growing” needs. It was definitely a challenge, but I felt so great throughout my whole pregnancy. After I had Delilah he took it really slow and really made sure I was ready for the next level, weight, intensity, etc. I came back to Myogenics weeks after giving birth and I was already in great shape and I am now after only 6 months back to my original weight before having another baby. I love that it is a quick efficient, private workout that I truly enjoy. I dont have a lot of time with two kids and this workout keeps me in shape without taking hours and hours away from them.”

Nicole Davis, Mother of 2

“As a sleep-deprived mother of a 14-week-old and a energetic 2-year-old, it’s nearly impossible to make time to feel normal, much less make time to work-out. Myogenics is a half-hour commitment to being myself again. Caring, carrying and playing with a toddler and an infant is not for the weak. Thanks to Myogenics, I can do it all and fit into my favorite jeans four weeks after delivering my second child. No joke! Granted, I still occasionally forget to brush my teeth, but I’m firmer and stronger.

“I’m also a true believer in the pre-natal benefits of Myongenics. I was able to work-out right up until the week I delivered each of my kids. It was helpful in keeping off the unnecessary pounds (did anyone else crave corn-dogs?), and in providing a strong core to help carry all those necessary pregnancy pounds. It was even incredibly helpful for managing labor pains (pre-epidural of course – I mean, I’m not crazy).”

Tomi Sher, Mother of 2

“It will be 4 weeks tomorrow that I’ve been training with Scottie at Myogenics Fitness and I’m very excited about the whole process.

“After having my third child, I definitely wanted to get in shape, meaning, strong body, toned muscles and lean figure. My body had become flabby in way too many places and I was simply not happy with the way I looked. I like to wear tight clothes so that’s a constant reminder of how I need to keep working on myself to achieve my ideal figure. I don’t want to have the body of a body builder, but rather a perfectly toned one.

“That’s what I’m aiming for and already I feel a change in my body. My arms feels stronger and I notice the muscles as I move them. My stomach is getting stronger, although it’s not nearly where I want it to be and I feel my legs are starting to shape up again. We’re still early in the training, but it’s crazy how I feel my muscles at work while they’re resting during the week. I can’t quite describe it, I just feel there is something going on, and I’m completely aware of it.

“Scottie is a great coach, he’s simple, direct and pushes me. I like his straight forwardness and am confident that I’ll be looking better by the end of my sessions. I don’t want to disappoint myself, nor Scottie, not my husband for that matter! who is also looking forward to me getting ‘my body back’. The work out is hard and I’m OK with that. I like the approach though in the sense that I’m really focusing on the muscle and of course the mental aspect.

“Can I really do this? And my answer is yes, and I want to make sure I make it happen for myself. I’m coupling the workout with the Zone, and definitely already feel better about myself and my body. My only problem is that I do occasionally have set backs because I’m a big chocoholic and I allow myself some chocolate once in a while. I also love to have a good time, and we’re often out with my husband and friends having drinks. Nothing excessive, but I’m sure it’s slowing the process down for me.

“The bottom line is that with this workout and vision of yours, I’ve been able to ‘reset’ myself and rethink the way I eat and take care of my body in a totally accessible and not complicated manner. And I truly believe in it. I’m super eager to see the final results.”

Tiphanie Babinet, Mother of 3

“I worked out with Chad one day a week for around six months. His workout is short, but tough and I kept muscle mass even through weight loss. Chad is a pure professional. I found him to be honest and completely devoted to my health and progress. I would highly reccomend Chad and Myogenics.”

JW Najarian, Real Estate Investor

“Chad is professional and incredibly knowledgeable about his industry. I’ve been following Myogenics’ 30-minute, once-a-week program for a little over a year. I was very skeptical at first, but a year later I’ve lost about 40 pounds of fat and can’t believe the increase in muscle- all without pills or a significant change in diet. I can’t recommend Myogenics highly enough.”

Patrick Roberts, Owner, Lower Mars, LLC

Cecil Odom, former division 1 football player:

“My back feels 100% better.”

Erik Contreras, describing his introductory workout:

“It shocked me how much I could feel every muscle…”

What is the Press Saying?

Self magazine: Supersculpt Muscle.

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