12 days of fitness, Day 2

Day 2: Think a little about your goals.

Are the things you want good goals? Will you feel motivated to work to achieve them? Will achieving them actually bring you more happiness and a better life? It’s especially important to think about what you want to be true about your life, and whether the goal you’re setting will actually move you closer to that.

Your initial desires are great places to start when setting goals. But these desires can result in terrible goals to pursue. The wrong goals can lead you away from a better life…even while you assume you’re moving toward it.

One example: some people exercise to be strong and healthy while they lose weight and get into better shape. That’s great. BUT, many people set exercise goals purely to lose weight. There is strong evidence that even high amounts of exercise don’t cause any weight loss over time; only changes in diet do. If this is true, people who focus on exercise as their only weight loss strategy are using the wrong tool for the job. They’re likely to end up frustrated and worse off.

For more thinking about what this means, and what it means specifically for fitness goals, join the conversation on facebook, here: www.facebook.com/myogenicsfitness



P.S. If a goal of yours happens to be to lose weight, I think education on what works and what doesn’t is a necessary first step. Much of the conventional wisdom we hear about what works doesn’t withstand the scrutiny of science. If you ask on the “Day 2” post on facebook, I’ll be happy to point you to the single book that I think is the current best overview of what the science says about works for weight loss.

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