12 days of fitness, Day 5

You can’t achieve your goals unless you do this…

Make your goals as specific as you can.

To the extent you’re not clear about what you want, your chances of achieving any of it go south. Being specific doesn’t guarantee you’ll get there, but it can improve your odds a lot.

So, take your list (you have a list somewhere, right?) and, if these goals are important to you, find a way to be more specific.

When I work with people on clarifying their goals, I find a lot of initial resistance when I ask for more clarity like this. I expect you’ll resist this and not want to do it. But I’ve also seen that once people get beyond that resistance for even a few seconds of hard thinking they benefit immensely almost every time. So set a timer for 2 minutes and see what emerges.

What did you find? Was it easy? Difficult?

Let me know your thoughts, below or here: www.facebook.com/myogenicsfitness


P.S. Tomorrow I’ll discuss the difference between goals for specific actions and goals for specific outcomes. You might want to ponder this distinction as you do the above.

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