12 days of fitness, Day 8

The 80/20 Rule and the 3-Exercise Workout

The 80/20 principle suggests that we can often get 80% of the benefits from just 20 percent of our efforts.

Do you want to know what that high-leverage 20% is in your fitness routine?

It’s three exercises: Leg Press, Chest Press, and Pull Down.

These “Big 3” are an ultra-efficient way to exercise and strengthen the majority of your body.

What’s even better is that by focusing on just these three exercises–and really mastering them–the increase in your workout productivity can quickly rise above 80% to exceed 100% of what you might otherwise be able to achieve.

Many of my personal workouts are just these three exercises. And let me tell you, I’m totally spent afterward. I have no doubt I get a better overall workout than I used to get in 45 minutes with a conventional routine.

So, what can you do with this information? I suggest this: make the “Big 3” the core of your workout routine. Whatever else you might do, make the most of these exercises, every workout. Do only these three at least sometimes; so you’re not distracted by anything else, nor holding back to conserve energy for a longer workout.

While these are basic, straight-forward exercises, there is a lot of subtlety and room for endless improvement if you decide to go on the journey to master the and “milk” everything you can from them. I’ve found that journey to be incredibly valuable, and I invite you to take the same journey. Get excited about mastering these. It’s worth it!

Oh, and while I named exercises that require equipment, you can approximate these with no equipment: a wall sit, push ups, and chin ups. Or, variants of push ups and chin ups can be done as isometrics for people of virtually any age and any strength level.

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