“Exercise in Exactly 20 Minutes PER WEEK at this West Hollywood Gym”

…And Have an Expert Personal Trainer Handle Every Last Detail For You…

Limited space available. Find out if you qualify to try the workout risk-free.

The Typical Personal Training Client at Myogenics Fitness Goes Through Several Stages:

1. Disbelief that we can get such results in just one 20-minute workout per week.
2. Reading our website, and reluctantly agreeing that it makes sense.
3. Phoning us with lots of questions and skepticism.
4. Scheduling a no-risk Introductory Workout, to experience a one-on-one session.
5. Being highly impressed by the experience, and signing up for ongoing training.
6. Becoming a raving fan, and trying to persuade friends.
7. Being ignored and ridiculed by friends who think you’ve lost your mind.
8. When friends keep asking how you’re suddenly in such great shape, telling them (again) that you only exercise for 20 minutes PER WEEK.
9. Those friends reluctantly schedule Introductory Workouts. Repeat the above cycle from point 6 on down.

You get the same results from 20 minutes PER WEEK at Myogenics Fitness as…

45 minutes PER DAY of aerobic exercise for cardio conditioning
45 minutes, 3 days per week of weight training for muscle definition and strength

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We’ll discuss your situation and goals, and determine when we can fit you in for a no-risk Introductory Workout

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16 Benefits of Personal Training at Our Private Gym in Los Angeles:


  • Open 7 Days a Week, Extended Hours: Including early mornings.
  • On-Site Parking Lot: With validated parking.
  • 24/7 Online Scheduling: With appointment reminder emails so you never forget a workout.
  • No Sweating: A cool 64 degree room temperature improves your performance and also prevents sweating–you can change and go back to your life without the time and hassle of showering.
  • Save Time: Just 20-30 minutes per workout.
  • Save Even More Time: One workout per week…no additional exercise required.
  • We Handle Every Detail: All you have to do is show up.

Special Features

  • Total Privacy: Only you and your personal trainer are in the entire West Hollywood facility while you work out; no one else to embarrass you, distract you, or slow you down.
  • Advanced Low Back and Neck Equipment.
  • Equipment Ideal for Pregnancy.
  • Equipment Ideal for Golf and Tennis Performance Enhancement.
  • Nutritional Assistance: Speed up your results while increasing your energy.
  • Feel Confident Working Out: Have a focused, expert Los Angeles personal trainer beside you each workout, showing you exactly what to do.


  • Look Amazing: Make their jaws drop at how much better you look–show off your leaner, more defined body…as your clothes fit better, your skin glows more, cellulite vanishes, and more.
  • Strength: Increase your strength more than you ever imagined, and improve your performance in all activities you do.
  • Stress Relief: Just how good you feel after a workout must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Limited space available. Find out if you qualify to try the workout risk-free.

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