Disneyland Diet Lesson

While I was at Disneyland yesterday…

First, Seth got worn out and took a cute power nap at one point:

Okay, now back to the story…before I rushed to Disneyland after work to meet up with little Seth and the rest of my family, I only had a small handful of almonds to eat for lunch (busy day!). Then I drove straight to Disneyland and caught as many rides as possible…including ending with three back-to-back rides on the Grizzly River Run in the dark with the girls…getting totally drenched in the cold. Sorry, no picture of that.

But here’s the thing: I didn’t stop to eat a bite until after 8pm. And I never felt any urgency to snack on anything.

Now, before a couple of years ago, I would have been a mess–I would have NEEDED food because my blood sugar would have crashed, and I would have been cranky, unable to focus, and felt starving. I would not have enjoyed the time with my family nearly so much. But because of how I’ve been eating currently, my blood sugar stays much more stable–apparently because I’m burning body fat more readily as a fuel source (which is a nice little bonus!). Sure, I could have stopped to eat at any time, but it’s also no big deal to not stop.

This is one quality-of life-issue I’ve enjoyed from optimizing my diet. Sure, getting your body to burn fat more easily can make you look better. But doing it right also means eliminating dire hunger, and means we can be free from being chained to the next meal–free to enjoy life more fully than ever before while we’re actually burning more fat…and because of it. That is something that I never in my life experienced until a I got a better understanding of some nutritional principles just a couple of years ago. This is an area where a lot of diets and weight loss plans fail…they make us miserable and ravished…and they often aren’t even that effective at weight loss in the short run…and virtually never in the long-run.

Let me just emphasize what my eating schedule was like, because it’s still surprising to me as this would never have happen in my entire life before a couple of years ago:

I got up at 4am (yep!), drove from my home in Laguna Beach to LA, ate a small healthy breakfast. Around 11 am I ate a handful of almonds. I left for Disneyland at 2pm. I had dinner a little after 8pm.

    5:30am: Breakfast

    11:00am: handful of almonds

    8pm: dinner

    No other snacks. No cravings. No mental crashes. No excess hunger.

    And no caffeine or stimulants of any kind.

    Oh, and I was up later than ideal and short on sleep from the night before.

The lesson from Disneyland: your diet can bring you more energy, more mental focus, and a higher quality of life while being healthy and helping you burn fat at a fast rate. Your diet can free you from thinking about food constantly.

If your diet and exercise habits aren’t almost effortless, and if they’re not bringing you seriously enhanced quality of life, along with a better looking body, then I’m willing to guess there’s room for improvement.

Want help with that? I’d love to help…

Contact me with one of the links at the bottom of the page to set up a quick phone call to assess your needs and present some options.

I’ll talk to you soon.

To health and life,


P.S. Here’s another photo of me and Seth…because, you know, I can’t resist:

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