Personal Training for People in West Hollywood Who Don’t Have Time to Work Out

95% of What People Do in Gyms is Wasted Time. We Focus on the 5% That Counts.

Discover how you can get more results in just 20 minutes per week on this video…

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The Stages of a Typical Personal Training Client at Myogenics Fitness:

1. Skepticism that one 20-minute workout per week could do anything at all.
2. Fascination that it seems to make sense after reading our website.
3. Application for a Introductory Experience–to try it yourself with no risk.
4. Conviction to go for it and train this way after being impressed by the experience.
5. Excitement over the results & time you save; enthusiastically telling friends.
6. Frustration, when you ask us: “Have my friends called yet?” and they haven’t.
7. Reiteration to friends that you exercise for 20 minutes PER WEEK, when they keep asking how you’re suddenly in great shape.
8. A few of your friends finally schedule workouts and go though stages 4-7 above. Most keep shaking their heads, claiming they don’t know how you did it.

See more results from 20 minutes PER WEEK at Myogenics Fitness than 90 minutes PER DAY with a typical personal trainer

(ask us to see our case studies of identical twins & of a middle-aged client)

Experience the workout risk-free.

16 Benefits of Personal Training at Our Private Gym in Los Angeles:


  • 20 Minutes per Workout
  • One Workout per Week
  • On-Site Parking
  • Open 7 Days/Week, Extended Hours
  • Online Scheduling & Reminder Emails
  • No Sweating: 64 degree temp improves performance & prevents sweating
  • We Handle Every Detail: All you have to do is show up


  • Look Great: Watch their jaws drop as you show off your more lean, defined body…your clothes fit better, your skin glows more, cellulite vanishes, and more
  • Strength: Increased strength improves your performance in all activities
  • Stress Relief: The post-workout effect must be experienced to be appreciated

Other Benefits

  • Dietary Help
  • Low Back and Neck Equipment
  • Equipment Suitable for Exercise During Pregnancy
  • Equipment that Improves Golf and Tennis Performance
  • Expert Assistance Have a focused Los Angeles personal trainer beside you each workout, showing you exactly what to do
  • Privacy: An exclusive West Hollywood facility; no crowds to embarrass you, distract you, or slow you down

Limited space available.

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