About Myogenics Fitness

Read more about each member of the team below.

Our gym was founded by Chad Morris in 1998 and is located in West Hollywood, California, near the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd. and Crescent Heights Blvd.

Myogenics Fitness specializes in ultra time-efficient exercise for busy people.

We are committed to providing unparalleled value to people who are busy, who value their time, and who are serious about getting results.

We offer one-on-one private training to a hand-selected group of clients. Prospective clients undergo a rigorous qualification process which ensures a good match and excellent results for all of our clients.

We are also uniquely equipped to improve some low back and neck issues, to provide optimal exercise during and after pregnancy, and to improve performance in golf and tennis.

An application to be a client is located here

Here’s a Look at the Myogenics Fitness Team:

ChadChad Morris
Founder and Owner

Other Interests:
philosophy, physics, psychology, driving, hot-air ballooning, skiing, Formula 1, and reading

ScottieScottie Epstein
Exercise Specialist

Other Interests:
Brazilian ju jitsu and mixed martial arts (he is undefeated in professional fights, and was featured on an episode of the tv show TapOut), snowboarding, traveling to Brazil, and hanging with his dogs

BradBrad Smith
Exercise Specialist

Other Interests:
writing, movies, reading, Brazilian ju jitsu, muy thai kickboxing, MMA, and travel

DanDan Milligan
Exercise Specialist

Other Interests:
skating, snowboarding

MattMatt Mintun
Executive Assistant

Other Interests:
music composition and video production, motorcycles

SeanSean Omlor
Web Developer

Other Interests:
online marketing, webdev, meditation