A Simple Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight

There are few things more frustrating than not being able to lose weight.

Do you want to be slimmer and see muscle definition, but your weight won’t budge?

Fix This: Lack of Support

People who exercise alone are less challenged, less accountable and are more likely to fail.

Who would rush to the gym if no one was waiting for them? Who would push themselves if no one was paying attention? Exercising alone is a recipe for disaster.

It takes time to transform your body from flabby to fit, even though you want it to happen overnight.

Remember that it took time to put the weight on, so it will take time to take the weight off. When you find your patience wavering, or when you encounter a frustrating plateau, it is great to have someone there who is committed to keeping you going.

* Find a workout partner who is equally or more committed than you (or work with a fitness professional) to guarantee your results.

* Remember that anyone can have one great workout, but that won’t get you the body you want. The only way to achieve your goal is by consistently exercising and eating right, plain and simple. Agree with your workout partner up-front that you will never let each other off the hook for lame excuses.

I’ve learned all kinds of tricks over the years that can make your workout more effective while also saving you time. But none of that does any good if you do nothing.

So this week, I challenge and encourage you to set up a system of real accountability, even if it is just one workout per week–yes, you can get great consistent results training just once per week…if you really do it every week.

Get that in place, and the next simple tip I share to increase the effectiveness of your routine will be worth a whole lot more to you.


(And if you want to hire a trainer to accomplish this, I of course suggest trying our LA gym and Los Angeles personal trainers, as I think you’ll be impressed.)

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