DON’T be stronger every day

It’s easy to feel discouraged when your workout performance is sub-par. But those workouts can be incredibly valuable in the long-run.

I remind myself that my purpose is merely to stimulate an improvement–not to set records every day.

I’m investing in exercise for the long-term. And while it’s most fun to make these investments when I feel my best, many of the best investments will be when I’m not.…

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Exercise Phase 2: Progressive Fatigue

Think about what happens after you initiate an exercise…

(Last week I described a way to initiate an exercise here:

Once we start producing any reasonable “exercise level” of effort what *must* happen is: our muscles start to fatigue.

If our implicit or explicit purpose is to move a weight, to move our body, to produce a certain level of force, or whatever, then this fatigue feels frustrating–even defeating.…

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3-phase perspective of exercise – Phase 1: Initiation

Here’s a perspective I’ve found helpful to bring to each exercise I perform: anticipate that the exercise has 3 phases: initiation, progressive fatigue, and “full (100%) finish.”

Just focus on the “initiation” phase this week, and see if adding attention to this adds something to your workout.

“Initiation” phase quick description: I bring all of my focus and attention to the muscles I’m intending to work as I start to exert effort.…

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Have a non-negotiable baseline

Today, at the start of the year, I’ll share a perspective I’ve found really helpful:

“Have a non-negotiable baseline”

What I mean is that there are all kinds of actions I *might* take in the realm of exercise and physical fitness. And it’s easy to get over-excited and take on more than I can reasonably sustain. But there’s a much smaller list of things that, are “minimum effective dose” actions.…

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The New Red Meat Study and the Girl Scout Effect

Myogenics Fitness

You’ve probably heard about the recent study that allegedly shows that eating red meat increases your risk of mortality.

Assuming you’re like me and want to live as long and healthily as possible, if this claim is true we must take action.

But first we must seriously consider whether it is true. How do we evaluate this claim?

It certainly sounds scary: it has prestige (Harvard), it has lots of data (over 120,000 people and over 23,000 deaths), it factored out a long list of other risks (like smoking, alcohol consumption, family history, physical activity levels), and it presents very specific and scary sounding risk percentages (like a 20% increased risk of mortality from one daily serving of processed meat).

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What is the Right Vitamin Supplement Strategy?

Myogenics Fitness

I’ve long been leery of taking or advocating vitamin supplements despite all of the hype surrounding them. AND despite the repeated offers I get to make lots of money by selling the latest “miracle” brand of vitamin supplement to my clients. I always politely turn them down.

I haven’t seen scientific literature that is promising with respect to real-world benefits. And despite common misconception that vitamins at “reasonable doses” are harmless, there is strong data to show that this assumption may be false.…

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Obstacle #2: Solving Your Crazy Busy Problem

Myogenics Fitness Busy

Last time I discussed the obstacle of a too short time horizon. If you missed it, go here.

Today I want to examine a second life issue that often thwarts our fitness desires:

Obstacle #2: You are crazy busy.

Do you work too much, over-commit, and not get enough sleep?

If so, you probably feel exhausted, stressed, and hungry for comfort food.…

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Giant Obstacle #1: Your Time Horizon Exposed and Fixed

Myogenics Fitness Horizon

You want the body in the mirror to be fit. You know your ideal pant size. And you can imagine how great you’d look in a bathing suit.

So why don’t you have that body?

If this is you, I’m guessing that you even know things you could be doing…but you just aren’t doing them.

We need to fix bigger problems than fitness knowledge; we need to look at some life issues that get in the way of your success.…

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How Will “Going Big” Get You More Lean and Defined?

Myogenics Fitness Leg Press

I’m often asked what single exercise will deliver the most benefit the fastest.

Today, I’m going to answer that question.

What makes an exercise better?

Simply put, bigger is better. Let me explain…

The most productive exercise is the most intense exercise.

Two major criteria of what makes an exercise intense are:

1. It involves the greatest amount of muscle tissue possible (it’s the BIGGEST), and…


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What Cleaning Out My Car Once Upon a Time Taught Me About Getting Great Abs

Messy Car

What I learned isn’t some special “Mr. Miyagi” move. It’s a lot deeper, and a lot more important.

I learned a secret about HABITS, and I’ll explain my car story in just a second…

First, let me ask: what are YOUR habits?

Do you eat the same thing for lunch, go through the same exercise routine, and fall into bed at the same time each night?…

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