Obstacle #2: Solving Your Crazy Busy Problem

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Last time I discussed the obstacle of a too short time horizon. If you missed it, go here.

Today I want to examine a second life issue that often thwarts our fitness desires:

Obstacle #2: You are crazy busy.

Do you work too much, over-commit, and not get enough sleep?

If so, you probably feel exhausted, stressed, and hungry for comfort food. And you probably feel the need to take better care of your health, but not today…because you’re just too busy.

How many days, weeks, and years have you been telling yourself that? It’s time to re-prioritize. Today.

I want you to seriously answer two questions…

Is taking care of your health a luxury or a necessity?

Is taking care of your health more important or less important than taking care of your car, your house, or even your career (hint: is it easier for you to get a new body or a new one of these)?

Now that you’ve thought it through, never forget it.

What Can You Do Today?

Remove a few commitments from your schedule so that you are able to get healthy meals, exercise, and get a good night’s sleep.

Don’t do everything: just take a few high-leverage steps that will have massive impact.

With sleep, commit to a firm time that you will be in bed every night.

With diet, refuse to eat sugars and processed carbohydrates. Even if you’re rushed, take the extra few minutes to get yourself better food. Stop permitting any exceptions for yourself.

With exercise, do the 5% that gets 95% of the benefits: intense strength training. Schedule a 20 minute block just one day a week, and do it. If you don’t know what to do, buy a copy of Body by Science or schedule an introductory workout with us.

Now, are you going to take these steps today or put them off until “soon”?

You know what is at stake. Make the right decision.

To health and life,
Chad Morris

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