7 Big Myths of Fat Loss

Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.

That bit of wisdom came from Franklin D. Roosevelt during a radio address in 1939, and though he wasn’t talking about fitness, it certainly applies to the following fat loss myths.

Myth #1: Eating Late at Night Makes You Fat

The Facts: Your body doesn’t have an internal timer that causes late night eats to be stored directly as fat.…

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What does this doctor know about exercise that you need to know?

The year has started off with a bang–we’re getting new clients for personal training in our LA gym left and right.

It seems that a lot of people are seeing their health as a better investment than the markets right now, and we’re doing our best to make sure that is true for all of our clients.

But I had to take a five-minute break from the busyness to tell you about an exciting NEW book, hot off the presses, that, if you like my newsletters, well, the exercise science in this book is going to blow you away…

(please excuse typos, I wanted to get this to you quickly)

First, before I get to the “meat” of it, we have just a few remaining slots open for new clients, and I have a limited, one-time-only offer further down.…

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How To Select a Personal Trainer in Los Angeles

You’ve decided that hiring a Los Angeles personal trainer could help you turn heads, feel more confident, look amazing in your clothes, raise your energy, look better naked, and increase your strength.

But you fear these results may elude you if you end up with the wrong personal trainer.

Consider the following when looking for a personal trainer in Los Angeles who can transform you from the old you into the new you:

The 6 Criteria You MUST Consider When Hiring a Personal Trainer in Los Angeles

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A Cardio Workout With No Movement

After you read the question below, I’ll quickly tell you how to solve this problem, and then I’ll show you a video I filmed last night of me demonstrating the solution.

You’ll even get to watch me collapse on the floor at the end.

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Are You Too Busy Putting Out Fires to Stay in Great Shape?

Last Saturday, I was getting ready to drive to San Diego for a day of fun, when I got a phone call that the building in Los Angeles that my gym is in was ON FIRE.

Needless to say, I got to San Diego late that night. I was scared for a minute, but thankfully, the fire was put out, and the gym is fine.…

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A Critical Mistake with Fat Loss

People ask me how to lose fat more quickly.

But many people ignore the one element that MUST happen for fat loss to occur. So I want
to emphasize this to you:

The only way you can ever lose fat is: consume fewer calories than your body expends.

If you are not losing weight, then you are consuming more calories than you are expending.…

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4 Important Answers to Common Questions

I just got this email, and thought it was worth answering here…

“Hi Chad! …My curiosity led me to read through your website and I am intrigued… My questions are: 1) how long does the shaking and muscle fatigue last after a workout (I can’t be incapacitated with a toddler and no help), 2) does this method do anything for your cardiovascular health and flexibility, 3) do the muscles get bulky (for a woman, lean and long is the desired look), and 4) do you design a client’s diet (daily calories, protein/carb/fat percentages, specific foods, etc)?… ~Liane”

Excellent questions, Liane, and here are my answers to each:

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Be Cool

I used to feel proud about being drenched in sweat by the end of a workout. I held a common, but mistaken, belief that sweating buckets was helpful in losing fat and getting healthy.

The reality is that one can improve workout performance and results by cooling sufficiently to prevent sweating.


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Abandon Counting

People often ask: “Should I do lots of reps with light weights, or few reps and heavy weights?”

The answer: neither, actually. There is a more precise measure of exercise performance, and it means you can stop counting reps.

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