How To Select a Personal Trainer in Los Angeles

You’ve decided that hiring a Los Angeles personal trainer could help you turn heads, feel more confident, look amazing in your clothes, raise your energy, look better naked, and increase your strength.

But you fear these results may elude you if you end up with the wrong personal trainer.

Consider the following when looking for a personal trainer in Los Angeles who can transform you from the old you into the new you:

The 6 Criteria You MUST Consider When Hiring a Personal Trainer in Los Angeles

1. Consider the trainer’s motivations. Find out how they got into training. What excites them about training? In Los Angeles, beware struggling actors who only care to make extra cash, and who have no real interest in fitness.

2. Consider the trainer’s real qualifications. Now, this might seem counter-intuitive: beware of the personal trainer who collects certifications, and has 8 sets of initials after his name. Ask potential trainers both simple and hard questions. If they can’t clearly communicate answers in a way that you can understand (rather than just using impressive terms), then be careful. You might have someone who is good at memorizing phrases, but less good at understanding them. Since their level of understanding is going to drive your results with them, this matters. If they can’t admit when they don’t fully understand something, be concerned. Exercise is an evolving science, and no one has the complete answers yet. You want someone who can understand and apply what is going to get you results, and who isn’t going to be simply chasing the latest fad in order to sound impressive.

3. Don’t fool yourself. Is the trainer in good shape? This one can be VERY deceptive. Many people pick a personal trainer based on looks. But how a person looks can be more the result of their genetics than their ability to get results for themselves or clients. Some people can eat pizza every day and party every night, and still look like a model. Find out if they’ve ever been out of shape or had to struggle with staying in shape, themselves. Most of all, find out if their clients achieve results.

4. What results will you get? Can you talk to some of their clients? Can you see testimonials? And does the trainer sound realistic about the results you can expect when you talk to him or her?

5. What is the time cost to you? Find out how much time you will have to spend on a weekly and monthly basis, and ask yourself if that is do-able. Don’t forget the time to shower and the commute time in Los Angeles. Note: some private gyms in Los Angeles maintain a cold and dehumidified atmosphere, which prevents sweating and nixes the need to shower after working out.

6. What is the monetary cost? Remember to include gym membership fees along with training fees. Figure out what the total will be per month, and not just per session. Some private gyms may charge more per session, but have no membership fees. Also, a higher quality workout with a longer-lasting impact may mean you won’t have to train as often. As with hiring a lawyer, sometimes it’s cheaper to hire someone who is more expensive.

Click this link for one example of a personal training gym in West Hollywood Los Angeles.

The reason why I think it scores well is that I’m the one who started it, and I specifically designed it the way I wanted a gym to be. I invite you to take a look, but also encourage you to think about what is right for you, and find a good fit for what you want.

Think about these criteria, and good luck!

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