Connection Between Insulin and Cancer?

According to this current article in the USC Health Magazine,, evidence is mounting that elevated insulin levels increase cancer risk.  It’s a good read…take a look.

 Here are three ways to lower insulin levels:

1. Regular exercise.  The higher the intensity, the more effect it has on lowering insulin.  (Shameless plug for working out with a personal trainer at Myogenics Fitness in Los Angeles.)

2. Diet. Food consumption leads to insulin production.  Specifically, glucose (from food) entering the bloodstream requires insulin production to deal with it.  The amount of glucose released into the bloodstream over a given period of time (as a result of a meal) is known as the “glycemic load” of a meal.  The glycemic load can be reduced by eating smaller amounts more often, by consuming lower quantities of carbohydrate, and by consuming carbohydrates that convert to glucose more slowly.  All carbohydrates (except fiber) convert to glucose, and the glycemic index measures of how rapidly this happens with different carbohydrates.  You can view and search this index of foods here:

3. Lower body fat percentage (through a combination of good exercise and dietary habits).  Higher body fat percentage corresponds to greater insulin resistance, and therefore greater insulin production.  Lower your body fat percentage, and insulin production tends to go down.

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