The secret of people who lose weight during the holidays

christmas cookies

The season of deck-your-waist-with-extra-pounds is officially here.

What are you going to do about it?

Will you join the masses who faithfully gain 5 pounds between November and January?

Or will you do something different this year?

It is entirely possible to avoid the dreaded holiday chub by following this simple strategy:

“I can”

To begin, it’s important that you approach your goal from a place of “I can” rather than “I can’t.”

Most diet and weight loss plans begin by outlining everything that you can’t eat. You can’t enjoy the buffet at your office holiday party. You can’t taste the fudge that your aunt Frances made. You can’t partake in the seasonal coffee drinks. You can’t, you can’t, you can’t.

It shouldn’t be surprising when the diet only last a few days before your inner rebel breaks out and defies all the rules by mowing through an entire plate of Christmas cookies in one sitting.

When you begin from a place of can’t, you raise feelings of helplessness and even depression.

On the other hand, you can enjoy the holidays fully while adding a simple approach to action that will have you emerge feeling not only closer to your family and friends, and not only having enjoyed great meals and treats with them, but also more confident, more positive, more in control of your life, and even with a better waistline.

When you approach your goal from a place of I can, the power swings back into your favor. And it so much more enjoyable than depriving yourself. Use these 3 steps to re-gain your power:

1. Focus on positive action.
Rather than obsess over what you can’t eat this holiday season, I want you to take the positive action of exercising into your own hands. Every time that you complete a workout feel the surge of empowerment that comes with the accomplishment.

2. Schedule positive action.
The next step is to concretely schedule your workout sessions. I advise that you exercise even more regularly during the holiday season than normal, since you will be facing more temptation and taking in more calories. Decide when you will exercise between today to past Jan 1, and schedule it now.

3. Reward yourself for positive action.
At the end of each week take the time to reward yourself for successfully completing each scheduled workout. The biggest reward of all will be the sense of pride and accomplishment that you will be feeling as you reflect on your success during this challenging time. That’s probably all you need. Don’t reward yourself with food, since you’ll be taking in extra calories as it is. A massage, a new outfit, a leisurely hour spent at a coffee shop, or even a well deserved nap are also all great ways to reward yourself.

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