Two Personal Stories (in response to a great viewer question)

Myogenics Fitness founder and Los Angeles personal trainer Chad Morris shares two personal stories in response to a question about the last video blog.

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  1. Julie Soller

    Hey Chad – what a great topic and great personal stories. I have two ideas for how to tell when you’re no longer hungry: Eat more slowly, because signals from the stomach to the brain that make you aware that you’re full actually take about 20 minutes to reach your brain. Many experts will also tell you that fullness sets in about 20 minutes after eating a healthy meal.

    Being satisfied but not “full-full” might be a more subtle perception that your emailer will begin to notice after a few meals of practice. He can eat half, slowly, while paying attention to the food (not the TV or computer). Then, push the plate away and get involved in some other absorbing activity, like emails or video games (again, TV is not the best for this experiment). Set the timer for 20 minutes – when it goes off, is he still hungry?

    It takes practice to really get it that hunger actually comes and goes. But everyone’s had a day where they just “forgot to eat.” Dr. Judith Beck, the cognitive psychologist, has a great experiment in one of her books to “prove to yourself that hunger isn’t an emergency” – something your listeners can do without fasting for 36 hours – just skipping one meal will do the trick if you use the technique in her book. It’s “The Complete Beck Diet for Life” which is about more about psychology than dieting, and covers all these types of questions.


  2. Sean Saulsbury

    I found eating more slowly to help tremendously. If you pace yourself and give yourself a chance to digest your food, it is much easier to identify when you are no longer hungry. When I eat too quickly, I still stop when I’m no longer hungry, but after a few minutes go by I start to feel full and know I ate too much. So, pace yourself at a meal and give your body a chance to register the food you’ve eaten.

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