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Getting in Shape for Outdoor Sports Season

By Paola Singer
The Wall Street Journal via Dow Jones

IT’S THAT TIME of year when thoughts turn to hiking, bicycling or simply walking in the park.

Nearly 60% of Americans over 16 take part in at least one outdoor activity, according to the Outdoor Industry Foundation, a nonprofit unit of the Outdoor Industry Association.…

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Self Magazine

Supersculpt Muscle

By Marlien Rentmeester
Self Magazine

Myogenics may sound like a new life-extending freezing technique, but it’s actually an intense, 20-minute strength-training workout that gives the same results as hour-long routines. Developed by Hollywood trainer Chad Morris, the system features basic moves — push-ups, for example — but they’re done at a snail’s pace: at least 10 seconds up, 10 seconds down.…

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48 Hours

(CBS) It’s slow, it’s intense, and from the sound of things, it’s bordering on torture. But it’s a workout that Lesley Stahl and friend and ABC News competitor Barbara Walters are doing.

For decades, America has tried to dance, run, step and even kick its way to a tighter body. But one trainer now claims he’s found a fitness solution for a time-starved nation – a workout that takes place once a week, for just 20 minutes.…

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